What’s Unique about Commanding Presence Online?

Your instructor John Plank was one of the world’s finest communications coaches. His perfectionism and continuous dedication to his art for the last 25 years led him to become a master of delivery. In Commanding Presence Online, John is at his absolute best. Here, John’s coaching reflects the consummation of his lifetime achievements in communications skills training.

Internationally Acclaimed Advanced Communications Skills Training. Thousands of lawyers, accountants, and corporate executives throughout North America and the UK have attended the Commanding Presence™ programs to elevate their career. Many of them experienced life transforming improvements and raised their speaking skills to the same level as their writing skills. Commanding Presence Online consists of the most popular units of the programs. What was once only a limited small-group workshop is now available at a fraction of the cost.

On-demand and Smartphone\Tablet Optimized. Take this course at your own pace. Stop and start as you require. It's 100% mobile - so it's the perfect "commuter course".

Designed to Empower You to Become Your Own Coach.  The program will raise awareness of your performance. You will learn how to analyze your voice, delivery, and most importantly, manage your speaking anxiety.

It is a Lifetime Tool. Using your PC, smartphone, or tablet you can even review the videos and materials in advance of an important talk, meeting or presentation - or even moments before. It is a powerful tool at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I take this course at my own pace?

A. Yes. You can start, pause, and stop whenever you wish. You have unlimited access, so you can pick up where you left off whenever you have the time or require a refresher.

Q. Do I require a PC to take this program?

A. No. You can access the program by your smartphone or tablet. The program is 100% mobile - it only requires internet access.

Q. I'm already a good public speaker, is this program for me?

A. The program covers various advanced aspects of the interactions between the speaker and the audience. Public speaking is only one scenario of these interactions. Many of the participants of our Commanding Presence programs are in a leadership role, already an effective speaker to a certain degree. Nevertheless, to many of them, participating in a program like this became a life changing experience, as they were able to apply what they learned to improve their interactions with people at different levels.

Q. What is the program about?

The program is all about oral communications skills. It is designed for people who write well, but feel inadequate when it comes to the delivery of speech for the ear. The coach John Plank was unique in this field, given his decade’s experience as an award winning theatre director, his MA degree in voice, and accumulated mastery of verbal delivery in the past 25 years. The program consists of seven units. Unit 1 introduces the fundamentals, and the other six units deal with 6 advanced topics: how to think on your feet and respond eloquently, how to draft a speech in 45 minutes; how to connect with your audience, platform and meetings skills, voice and tune-ups, and best practices for continuous improvements. For the beginner, each unit is a must. For people with expert communication skills, the program can be used as a reference visual book and a coaching tool – once you own it, you can have your coach on your side to walk you through all the steps of preparing for a presentation, or a voice warm-up before an interview.

Q. Does this program cover meeting skills?

A. Yes. While most of the 7 units help with meeting skills, Unit 5 focus on meeting skills exclusively. Unit 5 also covers how to speak as a participant at a round table, a keynote speaker on the stage, and an instructor who runs the show. Here the coach talks about how to read the audience (who are the hostages, vacationers, or learners?), how to setup the platforms, how to deal with late comers, how to speak in an optimal position on the stage or at a table, the hand gestures, the eye contact, the projection of voice, and etc.

Q. I have some particular issues with my voice, is this program right for me?

A. In the first few units of the program, the coach analyses different types of voice and guides the participants to use their voice in a way that is natural to the individuals. Then, in Unit 6, the focus is exclusively on voice. The voice exercises here, along with the theories covered in other units, were in fact the core of the one-day Women’s Voice Power workshop – offered in the past few years at a rate twice as much as the whole online course. So, for people who have issues with their voice, Unit 6 alone is worth the while. It is best, however, to take a holistic approach in your training, as all units work together to help you regain the strengths of your own natural voice.

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